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Our Service is Based on Your Experience: If You're Happy, Tell Others. If You're Not, TELL US! Young repairman fixing an industrial air conditioning compressor.

Learn More about Premium Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Ltd

Premium Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Ltd is a dedicated refrigeration and air conditioning company that is expanding each day. We offer our services to commercial and residential areas in and around Edmonton.


Serving Edmonton’s Businesses & Residents

For the last 10 years, our owner, Don Phillip, has worked in the HVAC business; specializing in refrigeration and heating / cooling systems. At Premium Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Ltd, we’re pleased to keep Edmonton’s restaurants in business, homeowners comfortable and commercial businesses operating.


Competitive Rates, Expert Workmanship

Here at Premium Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Ltd, we charge competitive rates and assure quality workmanship. We take pride in our work and stand behind our product. Our techs are trained to detect potential problems and repair them before they occur.


Call or email us for a quote today.

Restaurant Cooler on the Fritz?

We offer round-the-clock
service and repair

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