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Maintenance & Repairs on Heating / Cooling, Refrigeration Equipment

Service man checking heater

Premium Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Ltd takes great pride in the quality of our maintenance and repairs. We take the time to properly diagnose any problems and use our decade of experience to solve them so your equipment will last a good, long time.


Winter Prep Service

Don’t forget winter preparation service for rooftop units, air conditioning and furnaces! Don’t get caught out in the cold.


Save Money

Properly maintaining your heating / cooling and refrigeration equipment will ensure that your appliances last longer. Stretch your dollar by making sure your equipment is maintained expertly by Premium Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Ltd.


We service, repair and install all brands of heating / cooling equipment such as:

  • Furnaces

  • Garage heaters

  • Residential air conditioners (including installation)

  • Commercial roof-top units

  • Exhaust Units


We also service, repair and install commercial equipment such as

Restaurant Cooler on the Fritz?

We offer round-the-clock
service and repair

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